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The University of Manchester Library

The John Rylands University Library was established in 2004 upon the formation of the new University of Manchester. The JRUL's outstanding Special Collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives, derive principally from the formerly independent John Rylands Library and the Manchester University Library. The vast majority of these research resources are normally held in the Deansgate building of the former John Rylands Library, located in Manchester's city-centre. In 2012 the Library was renamed the University of Manchester Library and the John Rylands Library, Deansgate - holds the Special Collections which contain some of the most significant books and manuscripts ever produced.

The Library first acquired archive collections in the 1920s when local landed families were invited to donate or deposit their papers. In addition to family muniment collections, the Library now holds the archives of numerous companies, business associations, trade unions, charities, social organizations and religious institutions. The Methodist Church and other Nonconformist denominations are particularly well represented. The archives of Manchester University and the papers of individual scientists and academics are another important element in the Library's holdings, while the large archive of the Manchester Guardian newspaper is a key resource for a wide range of research interests. In another area, the Library is continually adding to its wealth of 20th-century literary and dramatic archives. Currently 135 collections are available on the Hub. Eventually it is hoped to mount over 200 collections.

The Methodist Archivs and Research Centre collection descriptions are included within The University of Manchester Library descriptions.

Special features: Robert Donat, John Ruskin, Stuff the diet!, Pick 'N' Mix, Manchester Histories Festival, Charles Wesley (1707-88)

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