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Based in the UK or affiliated with a UK organisation
North America

Higher Education
Further Education
Other Education (e.g. Sixth Form College)
Heritage and Museum

Undergraduate student
Postgraduate student
Academic Researcher
Independent researcher
Archivist or Archives Assistant
Librarian or Library Assistant
Family or Local Historian

Agriculture, food, and forestry
Architecture and planning
Biological sciences
Business and management studies
Communication and media studies
Creative and performing arts
Education and research methods
English Literature
Geography and environment
Library and Achive Studies
Mathematics and computer science
Medicine and Health
Modern languages and Linguistics
Psychology and Theology
Physical sciences
Political Studies and International Affairs
Psychology and Sociology
Predominantly interdisciplinary

Not sure yet

I knew about the service and wanted to search for sources on the Archives Hub
I was looking for archives but I was not sure where to look
I carried out a search on Google (or another search engine) looking specifically for archives
I carried out a search on Google (or another search engine) looking for information on a person, subject or place

To a large extent
To some extent
To a small extent
Unknown / It does not necessarily involve using archives

I am hoping to locate archive sources for my postgraduate research
I am hoing to locate archive sources for my academic research work
I am looking for archives in connection with my own leisure time research
I am using the Hub on behalf of someone else
I am really just browsing for sources and I want to find out whether the Archives Hub is useful to me

Several times a week
Once a week
Once or twice a month
Less often
This is my first use of PLACEHOLDER

Very easy
Neither easy nor difficult
Very Difficult
I have not used it yet

Collections of various types of materials that are preserved and made accessible for research
Anything old that has been kept in store
Unpublished materials
Any type of resource for research
I don't really have a clear idea of what archives are

I would be equally willing to consult digital materials or visit archive repositories to consult physical materials
I would prioritise physical materials
I would prioritise digital materials
I'm not sure

Strongly agree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly disagree

Strongly agree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly disagree
Not applicable

The National Archives(nationalarchives.gov.uk)
The National Register of Archives (NRA)(http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/nra)
Archives Portal Europe (http://www.archivesportaleurope.eu)
Individual archive/record office website
Other sites


1 = highly valuable 2 = valuable 3 = less valuable

Comprehensive coverage of archives held in UK repositories 1 2 3
Detailed descriptions of archives (e.g. providing descriptions of individual items in collections) 1 2 3
Links to view digital content where digital content is available (e.g. images, text files, audio files) 1 2 3
Information on related materials (e.g. other archives or sources on a similar topic) 1 2 3
A regional search 1 2 3
A search across the Archives Hub and other cultural heritage sources (i.e. bibliographic and museum sources) 1 2 3
The ability to tag content or add notes or comments to descriptions 1 2 3
The ability to search on Google (or other search engines) to find archives 1 2 3

Higher education
Specialist (e.g. architecture, design, science, medicine)
Local Authority
I would like to see all archives represented, wherever they are held

*Contact details are treated confidentially.

*Contact details are treated confidentially.

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