Our vision

To be at the centre of great research.


All UK researchers interested in using primary source material are aware of the Archives Hub as a resource and understand the benefits of using it.

All repositories holding archives are aware of the Archives Hub and the benefits of contributing to it.


To meet the needs of UK academic researchers

  • Understand and stay up-to-date with the research needs of our users
  • Continue to expand the breadth and depth of coverage of the Archives Hub
  • Create a strong identity for the Archives Hub that users can relate to
  • Promote the diversity of content represented on the Hub
  • Engage with cross-domain stakeholders regarding the future of online resource discovery and related issues pertinent to the research environment

To build and enhance content available through the Archives Hub

  • Represent archives of interest to UK researchers
  • Facilitate and expand access to digital content
  • Align content development to identifiable user demand
  • Develop sustainable methods for data ingest
  • Develop functionality and features to facilitate the use and maximise the benefits of the data

To be a community leader and innovator, fostering a culture of collaboration and community among archives and archives professionals

  • Deliver support and networking opportunities for archival professionals
  • Engage with cross-domain stakeholders regarding the future of online resource
  • discovery and the role of archives in the JISC environment
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise with the wider community
  • Engage with potential new contributing archives of interest to UK researchers
  • Promote the Archives Hub as a centre of expertise and a focal point for the community
  • Engage in development and innovation through project work

To maintain and promote the interoperability of the Archives Hub

  • Develop sustainable methods for Archives Hub content development
  • Maintain up-to-date technical standards
  • Maintain and promote content standards
  • Work with partners and across domains to share and exchange data and expertise
  • Maintain and develop machine-to-machine interfaces
  • Contribute to other aggregators or services, such as Europeana

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the Archives Hub service

  • Understand the role of the Hub in the context of the Jisc strategic aims
  • Explore alternative revenue streams for the Archives Hub
  • Demonstrate the long-term value of the Archives Hub for researchers and the archival community
  • Develop a forward-thinking sustainability plan for the Archives Hub



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