Data Creation


You can add images of the archive that you are describing to your Hub descriptions. Within EAD these are known as digital archival objects.

For example: shows a direct link from the Archives Hub description for Christopher 'Kit' Wood to the Tate's pages about him, with images from his collection. shows an embedded image of a Julian Opie artwork.

We are very keen to promote this option as a means to visually enhance the service and give users the benefit of accessing the content.

  • Images should be representations of the archive collection (digital surrogates), or part of a born-digital collection.
  • They can be added as thumbnails (small images) within each collection-level and lower-level description.
  • The thumbnail can link to a full resolution image if you wish.
  • You can add images to descriptions that you already have on the Hub. Simply send us the new description to overwrite the old one.

The EAD Editor facilitates the inclusion of images by providing options for adding images through a simple form, so that you can add the URL (web address) of the image and a description to accompany it.

You can also choose to add a link to a full-resolution image and you can choose to include a number of images within a group, as well as linking to other digital objects, such as text files and audio files.

We provide more information about adding images in our pages on digital archival objects.

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