Image of Earl of Airlie, the first locomotive

Photograph copyright © University of Dundee Archive Services. Reference CMS 4/2/14 (21).

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Back in 2004 the Hub did a special feature on Railway history: 200 years of the steam locomotive. When we started the feature we couldn't have begun to realise how many archives collections there are on the Hub on the many different aspects of railways.

Here are just some of the collections the Hub has on inventors, railway engineers, and locomotive manufacturers:


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Copac is lucky enough to have the National Railway Museum as one of it's contributors. The library and archive collections at the National Railway Museum form one of the largest resources of railway and transport history in the world. The Library Collection is international in scope and covers all time periods.

Copac has over 400 records on Brunel alone, the following are all held at the National Railway Museum.