: Bernstein brothers

Bernstein brothers, National Fire Service

"Three firemen brothers, Mick and Harry Bernstein, age 40 years, who are twins, and their younger brother Jack, who is 37, have been in the N.F.S. since the outbreak of war, through all the blitz period." Photo taken: November 1943.

The National Fire Service (NFS) was established in August 1941 with the transfer of control to the Home Office of more than 1,600 individual fire brigades. This brought unified administration, and standardisation of training and resources. This was something that many MPs including Nancy Astor had been calling for.

The NFS was disbanded in 1948, with fire brigades becoming the responsibility of city authorities and larger county boroughs.

Photograph from the collection of Peter Hunot (1914-1989), reference GB 372 HUNOT; reproduced with permission of the Bishopsgate Institute, London.

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