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Exporting from CALM: record types, mandatory fields, and layout


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This advice is aimed at CALM versions 7 and 8.  Users of other versions may find that not all information applies to them.  If you experience a problem that cannot be solved by following this advice, please contact us, and we will try to resolve it.

Object Records

Contributors may use the ‘Object’ record type to record information about objects within an archive (banners, badges etc).  This ensures objects have the key SPECTRUM fields and follow museum guidelines for cataloguing. However, the export does not recognise object type records, and the export will stop, and generate an error message.
To export, change the record type to ‘component’.

Authority Records

CALM descriptions may be linked to authority records.
In version 8 of CALM the Name field that is being exported is the 'OtherFormsofName' field rather than the Authorized Form of the name. This will be rectified in future versions of the export; for now, you will need to insert the correct content as an Access Point in the EAD Editor.
The CALM form of name is e.g. Churchill; Winston Spencer (1874-1965); Sir.
You may find that CALM also fails to export other <controlaccess> fields.  These can all be added in the EAD Editor.

Other mandatory fields


The creator of the archive is taken from the CALM field ‘origination’, which you will need to add to your descriptions.  We appreciate that some repositories use other fields, such as CreatorName to hold this information, and we will talk to CALM about how this is handled in future versions of the export.  A missing origination field will not cause an export error, and you can choose to enter this information in the EAD Editor, rather than adding the field in CALM.


CALM only exports the first language specified in the record.  Additional languages can be added by using the EAD Editor.

See the full list of Archives Hub mandatory fields.

Layout and formatting

Formatting (such as paragraph breaks) is preserved if you export descriptions from CALM.


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