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AAD/1992/3; AAD/2000/15; AAD/2001/6 - Crace family, interior decorators: papers

Crace family, interior decorators: papers

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This material is held at V&A Archive of Art and Design
Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3; AAD/2000/15; AAD/2001/6
Dates of Creation1691 - 1992
Name of Creator Edward Crace John Crace Frederick Crace John Gregory Crace John Dibblee Crace John F Crace Lewis Paxton Crace
Language of Material English
Physical Description 735 files

Scope and Content

Crace and Gregory Genealogy (1701 - 1892), including biographical and autobiographical notes, memorial notices, correspondence and family trees; Papers of and relating to John Crace, including bills, biographical notes, catalogue for sale of John Crace's library, certificates, sketches of landscapes and travel journal (1776 - 1953); papers of and relating to Edward Crace and the Georgian Crace family, including bills, biographical notes, Kensington Palace catalogues, correspondence birth and death certificates and wills (1742 - 1957); papers of and relating to Frederick Crace, including account books, bills, notebooks, press cuttings, sketchbooks and statements (1799 - 1907); papers of and relating to John Gregory Crace including correspondence with family, press cuttings, bills and inventories, sketchbooks and travel diaries (1691 - 1892); papers of and relating to John Dibblee Crace including biographical notes, correspondence, postcards, diaries, photographs, press cuttings, publications, notebooks on expenses and interior decoration, sketchbooks and travel notes (1830 - 1919); miscellaneous family papers including notes on family history, photograph albums and portfolios (1622-1898); papers of L[ewis] P[axton] Crace including sketches and photography (ca. 1908); papers of J.F. Crace including biographical notes and correspondence (Undated).

Administrative / Biographical History

Five members of the Crace family practised as interior decorators from ca. 1750 to 1899. Edward Crace (1725 - 1799) founded a decorating firm in London ca. 1768. This business continued in unbroken succession as a partnership until 1899, headed by four of his direct descendants. Edward Crace was also appointed the Curator of the Royal Pictures from the mid-1770s until his death in 1799. John Crace (1754 - 1819), his son, went into the business in 1780 and was employed by Henry Holland and other leading architects of the day. Frederick Crace (1779 - 1859), the grandson of Edward Crace, worked almost exclusively for the royal family and was responsible for the decoration of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton from 1815 to 1822. John Gregory Crace (1809 - 1889), the great grandson of Edward Crace, was associated with A.W.N. Pugin from 1843. He designed furniture and stained glass as well as decorative schemes for the Manchester Art Treasures exhibition, 1857 and the London International Exhibition, 1862. John Dibblee Crace (1838 - 1919), the great great grandson of Edward Crace, worked on schemes in several styles but his work was predominantly influenced by his studies of Italian Renaissance art. The Crace firm closed in 1899 when John Dibblee Crace decided he could not continue to run the partnership single-handedly.


The Crace family papers were obtained in three separate acquisitions between 1992 and 2001, and from different sources. As such the original order and sequence of the papers is not retained. The three series have therefore been arranged according to the related name or creator, and numbered according to the respective acquisition dates.

The 1992 acquisition had been organized into series relating to individual Crace family members prior to its arrival with the Archive of Art and Design. This order is still largely reflected in the item list.

Conditions Governing Access

This archive is available for consultation in the V&A Archive and Library Reading Room, which is located at Blythe House, 23 Blythe Road, Olympia, London, W14 0QX. The Reading Room is open Tuesday to Friday between 10.00 am and 4.30 pm, access to it is by appointment only. To request an appointment please email or telephone 020 7603 7493.

Additionally access to some of these files may be restricted. These are identified at file level.

Conditions Governing Use

For conservation reasons the photocopying of archival material is not permitted. Archives may be photographed for study purposes only, at the discretion of the archivist.

Acquisition Information

AAD/1992/3: Gift of Eileen Crace to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Furniture and Woodwork Department, 1979. Transferred to the National Art Library, Archive of Art and Design, 1992.

AAD/2000/15: Purchased from Phillips, 2000.

AAD/2001/6: Gift of Sir John and Lady Johnston

Related Material

Designs by various members of the Crace family can be found in the V&A Paintings, Designs, Photographs and Prints department and accessed via the Prints and Drawings study room at South Kensington.


Interior decoration  -- Great Britain   -- History   -- 18th century Â
Interior decoration  -- Great Britain   -- History   -- 19th century Â

Personal Names

Gregory , John
Crace , Edward
Crace , Frederick
Crace , John
Crace , John Gregory
Crace , Lewis Paxton
Crace , John Dibblee
Crace , John Frederick

Cataloguing Info

TitleCrace family, interior decorators: papers
Sub-titleCatalogue of records in the V&A Archive of Art and Design
AuthorCatalogued by Tom Midgley

Crace and Gregory Genealogy

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3
Dates of Creation1701-1954
Physical Description 27 files

Scope and Content

Accumulated research material collated by various members of the Crace family to develop a comprehensive genealogical history, including extracts from ecclesiastical records, draft family trees, memorials and correspondence

Administrative / Biographical History


Biographical notes, "Family of Crace"

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/1
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 1GEN 1
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 2 sheets

Notes by JDC based on mother's reminiscences about Mr Langley

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/2
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 2GEN 2
Dates of CreationDec 1892
Physical Description 2 sheets, 6 pages

Notebook, marbled cover, with a few sketches in, and 2 loose letters

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/3
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 3GEN 3
Dates of Creation1887-1913
Physical Description 1 volume

Gregory notes, re: Mary Gregory (page torn on left side)

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/4
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 4GEN 4
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

Gregory genealogy extracts from Westminster Abbey Register, written by JGC

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/5
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 5GEN 5
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

Memorial notice of burial of John Inwood Langley, grandfather of JGC

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/6
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 6GEN 6
Dates of Creation4 Jan 1875
Physical Description 1 item

Statement for painting work done for the worshipful co. of leather sellers by Mary Thomson and her son John Thomson

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/7
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 7GEN 7
Dates of Creation14 Aug 1749
Physical Description 1 item

Bill to leather sellers for painting work by J. Bayly

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/8
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 8GEN 8
Dates of Creation1701
Physical Description 1 item

In JGC's hand: 'Schedule of the Fixtures of Mr Johnson, Piccadilly'

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/9
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 9GEN 9
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

One sheet with black border, 'here lieth the remains of Martha Crace'

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/10
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 10GEN 10
Dates of Creationca. 1890
Physical Description 1 sheet

Blue Chiswick House headed paper duplicating the above information

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/11
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 11GEN 11
Dates of Creation24 July 1890
Physical Description 1 item

Notes by JDC, re: Henry Dibblee and Mary Ann Crace, "Lyminster church"

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/12
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 12GEN 12
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

Notes on Mary Ann Crace by JDC

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/13
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 13GEN 13
Dates of Creation1892
Physical Description 1 sheet

Notes on the family of JDC's grandmother Langley nee Corker

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/14
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 14GEN 14
Dates of Creation1892
Physical Description 1 sheet

Autobiographical notes by Mrs J Gregory Crace nee Sarah Jane Langley

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/15
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 15GEN 15
Dates of CreationNov 1882
Physical Description 5 sheets

Family tree, pen and ink, beginning with Henry Gregory of New Windsor, born 1688

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/17
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 17GEN 17
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

Family tree, pencil, 'Genealogy of Crace', by JGC

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/18
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 18GEN 18
Dates of Creation1853
Physical Description 1 item

Family tree of Gregorys, pen and ink; possibly by JGC

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/19
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 19GEN 19
Dates of Creationca. late 19th century
Physical Description 1 item

Manuscripts, pen and ink, by John Crace (cousin) re: Crace birth dates

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/20
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 20GEN 20
Dates of Creationca. 1820
Physical Description 3 items

Envelope addressed to Mrs Mostyn: 'will of John Gregory of Half Moon St'

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/21
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 21GEN 21
Dates of Creationca. 1954
Physical Description 1 item

Notes on Gregory by JGC 'From Westminster Abbey Register'

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/22
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 22GEN 22
Dates of Creationca. 1890
Physical Description 4 items

Page 'Copied from Bible'; note on children of Henry Gregory, by J.G. Crace

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/23
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 23GEN 23
Dates of CreationUndated
Physical Description 1 item

Blue notepaper entitled 'Gregory memdm/Jul'

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/24/1
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 24GEN 24
Dates of Creation1862
Physical Description 1 item

Letter from Packlechurch Vicarage, Bristol, to JGC, re 17th Century Gregorys

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/24/2
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 24GEN 24
Dates of Creation27 Jan 1862
Physical Description 1 item

Gregory family tree in JGC's hand

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/25
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 25GEN 25
Dates of Creation1861
Physical Description 1 item

The Examiner, no. 158 re: marriage of Henry Crace to Mary Ann Winfield

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/3/26
Previous Ref. NumberGEN 26GEN 26
Dates of Creation6 Jan 1811
Physical Description 1 item

John Gregory and the Gregory Family

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/4; AAD/2001/6/13 to AAD/2001/6/31
Dates of Creation1691-1895
Physical Description 113 files

Scope and Content

Papers of or relating to John Gregory and the Gregory family, including legal records, bills, correspondence, genealogical notes and accounts.

Administrative / Biographical History


Inventory, 'at North End the Property of Gregory Esquire', by room

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/4/1
Previous Ref. NumberJG 2JG 2
Dates of Creation14 Mar 1793
Physical Description 1 item

Document of Ralph, 3rd Baron Montague, to repay loan on East India goods.

Reference Number(s)GB 73 AAD/1992/3/4/2
Previous Ref. NumberJG 3JG 3
Dates of Creation1691
Physical Description 1 item